How Occupational Therapy
Can Help

Our Role

Your child’s occupation is to play, learn, be a friend, a student, a team member, son, daughter and a sibling.

As an Occupational Therapist we look at what is getting in the way of them fulfilling this role and teach or strengthen their skills, modify environments and develop strategies to help them to maximise their participation in this role.

For example, their handwriting difficulties may be getting in the way of their role as a student and impacting their confidence and classroom participation.  Their ability to regulate their emotions may be getting in the way of them being a friend or sibling or student. Their difficulty with balance and ball skills is getting in the way of them being a member of their local soccer team.

occupational therapy

Our Expertise

We understand that all children are unique in their abilities.  We offer support, understanding and effective intervention to children with a range of difficulties, including but not limited to the following:

  • Focus and concentration
  • Fine motor skills including drawing and handwriting
  • Gross motor skills including balance, strength and coordination
  • Play and social skills
  • Emotional regulation
  • Visual processing skills for reading and writing
  • Written expression- generating, organising and expanding on ideas for writing
  • Sensory processing- a child’s ability to interpret and process different sensations
  • Self-care skills- including dressing, feeding, toileting and sleep
  • Study skills
  • Executive functioning- Includes task initiation, impulse control, working memory, flexibility, planning, organisation and time management.